The Real-Life 'Help' Join Together for Oscars


One of the most inspiring films of the year, The Help brought many to tears for its touching story but also brought others to triumph as they saw themselves and their struggles depicted on the big screen.

Domestic workers met up on Sunday for a viewing party to support The Help's Oscars nominees and to socialize and share their experiences with one another.

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"Today is such a big day that we're looking forward to [bridging] the gap that is going to make domestic workers understand and the people out there understand how much we need their support," Jennifer Bernard, a nanny from Trinidad, said.

The domestic workers all expressed their heartfelt wishes that The Help and its cast emerge with golden figurines from the Academy Awards.

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"I love the movie because it shed a lot of light on the domestic work industry," said one of the women, who noted the relatability with similar issues that still persist from the setting of the film.

Many of the women echoed the same notion of lingering issues of inequality, unfair treatment, and a general lack of respect due to discrimination.

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The Help
took home one award Sunday night, as Octavia Spencer was honored with the Best Supporting Actress Award.