Meryl Streep Feels 'Sadly' about Receiving Oscar


ET caught the winners at the Academy Awards just as they were about to enter the Governors' Ball, the Academy's official after-party, and discovered a uniquely somber reaction from Meryl Streep about her Best Actress Award for The Iron Lady.

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When asked how she felt about the award, Streep replied, "Sadly." She then elaborated, "I had been reading the blogs in the awards run-up and I had a fairly full sense of how the momentum was going…I felt that 'Oh, God, half of America is really mad now that I won."

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On the other end of the spectrum, Octavia Spencer shared her humbled yet joyful response after receiving the award for Best Supporting Actress for The Help.

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"There was noise and applause and then complete silence in my head," Spencer said of her reaction when her named was called for the award. "It was one of those moments when all you hear is your heartbeat and you don't remember your name."

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Spencer also revealed that the bewildering nature of receiving the award left her with little memory of her acceptance speech.

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