'The View' Heats Up Over Whitney Death Comments

The View

'The View' Heats Up Over Whitney Death Comments

Nancy Grace came under heavy criticism on The View on Thursday for her earlier comments suggesting that Whitney Houston's death might have been a homicide.

Barbara Walters was the first to question Grace about her assertion in the days after Houston's death. Walters read aloud an exact quote from Grace in which she poses the question: "We do not know who gave her drugs and alcohol and who let her slip or pushed her underneath the water."

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Grace defends her speculation by telling the panel: "That's why we have autopsies, to determine one of three things - did someone die of natural causes, accident or foul play -- homicide." The 48-year-old superstar's death on February 11 is still being investigated and the L.A. County Coroner's is awaiting toxicology results before issuing an official cause of death.

Grace's explanation didn't satisfy Joy Behar, who shot back with: "Did it ever occur to you that maybe implying that someone murdered the woman would put the family into a tizzy?" The claws then came out as Grace told Behar: "I'm sure it's all fun to sit around and throw stones from behind a coffee cup."

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Sherri Shepherd also questioned whether it was appropriate to bring up the homicide theory so soon after Houston's death when the family was freshly grieving. But Grace was unwavering in her defense, saying she was asked her opinion about the music icon's death and just gave a straight answer. "When I am asked a direct question, I give a direct and truthful answer."

The legal analyst and talk show host added that she personally does not believe Houston was pushed under the water and said: "I think that some people got angry because they did not want to think that Whitney Houston could have been a victim of foul play, as no one did."

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