Lindsay Lohan Asks Fallon to Join Her on 'SNL'


Lindsay Lohan, who is set to host Saturday Night Live this weekend, put Jimmy Fallon on the spot during his late night show last night when she asked him to make an appearance on SNL during her hosting gig.

The unexpected proposal came when Fallon asked her if she could reveal any of the skits for the show, and Lohan then turned the question back to him, saying, "No, actually…will you stop by the show on Saturday?"

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Fallon seemed a bit confused and replied positively only to follow by asking, "What do you mean?" as he was caught off-guard by her prompt.

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Once Fallon understood exactly what she meant, he was all-in, saying he would "do anything" for her if she wanted him to.

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Check out the full clip above to see Fallon's reaction for yourself, and make sure to catch Lohan and Fallon on SNL this Saturday (Mar. 3).