Jon Stewart One-On-One with Bruce Springsteen

Rolling Stone

Jon Stewart One-On-One with Bruce Springsteen

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart sits down with music legend Bruce Springsteen for a wide-ranging interview for Rolling Stone and we've got a preview of the revealing conversation!

"It's not at all surreal," Stewart says with heavy sarcasm, speaking about his friendship with Springsteen. "It's very hard to reconcile sitting and fishing in a little pond in New Jersey with a guy that you spent many years hitchhiking the New Jersey I-95 corridor to see in Philadelphia back in the day."

"The only band I think I've seen more than Bruce Springsteen is the Springsteen tribute band Backstreets. I try not to let him know how pathetic I truly am," Stewart confesses. The Rolling Stone interview gives the TV host/comic the chance to go in-depth with Springsteen about his new album, Wrecking Ball, as well as to discuss one of their mutual interests, politics.

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During the conversation, Springsteen offers his take on the Occupy Wall Street movement and explains why his new single We Take Care of Our Own is not "jingoistic." The legendary rocker also opens up about how he's coping with the death of E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons. "Losing Clarence was like losing the rain. You're losing something that has been so elemental in your life for such a long time."

Stewart's full interview with Springsteen will be on newsstands beginning March 16 and will also be available through Rolling Stone All Access.

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