Don Cheadle: Clooney Pranked Me As Brad Pitt

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George Clooney's good looks and charismatic charm are often a popular topic of conversation, but the 50-year-old has become just as famous (or should we say infamous) for his love of pranks. On Wednesday's episode of The Talk, Clooney's Ocean's co-star Don Cheadle reveals the humiliating way he was taken in by the jokester.

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"Jimmy Kimmel thought it would be funny to create stationary that had Brad Pitt's name on the top of it…and he gave it to George, which is like giving a kid a loaded 38," laughed Cheadle. "So [George] started sending notes out 'From The Desk of Brad Pitt' to different celebrities...I got a note from Brad Pitt saying, 'Hey Don, I'm doing this Miles Davis movie, I'm going to have Jamie Foxx starring as Miles Davis-- Would you like to play Charlie Parker in the thing?'."

The House of Lies star would not reveal the extent to which he was fooled by the note, although he would say that he is currently "working on" Clooney's payback. "Revenge is a dish best served cold," he said.

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Watch the clip for Don's interview. The Talk airs weekdays on CBS.