Denise Richards: I've Never Been a Hooker


Throughout her career Denise Richards has been the topic of many false rumors, and the actress revealed the most outlandish allegation to Nancy O'Dell in an exclusive interview.

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"The craziest rumor that's ever been written about me is that I was a prostitute for Heidi Fleiss," said Denise. "I think my ex-husband [Charlie Sheen] would vouch for me, and Heidi I'm sure would too, that I was not. I've never been a hooker."

The topic of rumors came up when Denise invited Nancy to try the workout program she's been using named The Physique 57 Solution, which Denise called "the most challenging" and "most addicting" workout she's ever done.

For fellow moms, Denise has three children, the former Bond girl says the trick is to commit one part of your day to regularly set apart for exercise.

"When [my girls] were really little I worked out at 5:30 in the morning, because that was the only time that I could honestly commit," Denise revealed.

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The Physique 57 workout involves primarily weight-free exercises that only use your body weight for resistance. Instructor Sarah Pfeifer gave Nancy a full taste of the program.

"This is a major workout," said Nancy, breathlessly. "I can see why you like this."