Chenoweth Savors Pretend Sex with 'GCB' Co-Star


With her new show GCB now officially on the air, Kristin Chenoweth expressed her content to ET about the show and more specifically about getting frisky with her on-set husband, David James Elliot.

"David James Elliot is a god," Chenoweth gushed about her co-star. "I'm very lucky that I get to pretend to make love with him. Even just pretending [to make love] fulfills my fantasy."

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Other than fawning over her television husband, Chenoweth also discussed the show's original controversial title and her thoughts about changing it to "GCB."

"I was happy when they changed the title mainly because I would not want any person to not watch a show because of what they 'think' the title might mean," the 43-year-old Oklahoma native said.

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She claimed that the show isn't about religious issues as the old title suggested but is rather about humanity and relationships.

"It does take place in a community in Dallas and church is definitely the backdrop, but it's more about women and their relationships," she maintained, declaring that faith naturally comes into play with the emergence of everyday moral issues.

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Chenoweth also recounted a bad experience with eyelash extensions that caused an allergic reaction and caused her to wear sunglasses on David Letterman's late night show.

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