Buzzmakers: Kaley's Break-up & Kirk's Comments

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1. EXCLUSIVE: Kaley Cuoco No Longer Engaged
Actress Kaley Cuoco revealed to ETthat she is no longer engaged while appearing at a TV event to honor Chuck Lorre in Los Angeles. Asked if she had seen any footage of her Big Bang Theory co-star Kunal Nayyar's recent wedding, and if it had inspired her with ideas for her own upcoming wedding, she revealed, "I'm not engaged anymore, so no," and then laughed politely, "But in general, yes. For my future wedding, yes!"

2. Kirk Cameron's Gay Comments
Former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron ignited a firestorm on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight calling homosexuality "unnatural," adding that same sex relationships lead to a destruction of society. "It's detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization," he said. Among the stars to criticize Cameron's words on Twitter included his former Growing Pains co-star, Alan Thicke, who said: "I'm getting him some new books. The Old Testament simply can't be expected to explain everything."

3. EXCLUSIVE: Greyson Chance's Tribute to Sinatra
Greyson Chance first shot to cyber fame with his rendition of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi nearly two years ago. Earlier this week, the young singer shared his crooning talents with a stirring tribute to Frank Sinatra. Watch here!

4. 'Desperate Housewives' Kills Off A Cast Member
In the real-life court showdown between Housewives creator Marc Cherry and ex-Housewife Nicollette Sheridan, show producer George Perkins let the cat out of the bag that a prominent character on Housewives will be killed off this Sunday. Can't wait? Find out who gets the axe here.

5. La Toya: Jermaine Admitted to Affair with Whitney
Earlier this week, La Toya Jackson spilled new details to the ladies of The Talk on the reported affair between Jermaine Jackson and Whitney Houston. "He has admitted that they had an affair," confirmed La Toya, who wasn't sure if Jermaine was "completely married" during the period that the affair was to have taken place. The romance reportedly started in 1984, around the time that the two were working on Whitney's self-titled debut album.