Prince Harry Throws Light Jab at Dad


Prince Harry made his first official visit to Brazil on Friday as a part of the U.K.'s GREAT campaign, making a light-hearted joke at his father's expense.

Playful Prince Harry Wears Prince William Mask

"Over the years I've seen and heard so much about this extraordinary place," Prince Harry said during a speech given in Rio de Janeiro. "In fact, ever since my father told me about a certain dance he once had with a beautiful girl called Pina. It just seems to have stuck in his mind for some reason."

The joke was in reference to a famous image of Prince Charles in the '70s, dancing with Pina de Beija-Flora, a samba dancer.

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Brazil was Prince Harry's last stop on a four-nation tour that included Belize, the Bahamas and Jamaica. The timing of the visit comes just ahead of the 2012 Olympics which will take place in Rio.

Prince Harry was in South America to launch the GREAT campaign which aims to drive more visitors to England and boost the British economy.