Sherri Shepherd's Chaotic 'DWTS' Schedule


With Dancing with the Stars on the precipice of its fourteenth season next week, ET caught up with Sherri Shepherd to find out how her practice has been going so far with partner Val Chmerkovskiy.

"They gave me the fox trot," Shepherd revealed. "I have never done ballroom dancing. I was flabbergasted."

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As her partner and trainer, Chmerkovskiy cut her off to make a positive point out of the situation. "She's doing great at it," the 25-year-old professional dancer said. "We're excited to show America how well she 'Ginger Rogers' across the floor."

Although Shepherd was a little apprehensive about doing ballroom dancing, she is giving it her all and has be gutting out five-hour practices despite a busy schedule that also includes a guest appearance on 30 Rock, scheduled tapings of The View, and above all being a mother and wife.

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Despite the chaos, the 44-year-old asserted that she is enjoying the dancing and that she doesn't consider it work to practice her dance moves with her partner.

As for whether Shepherd will be encouraging The View watchers to vote for her, she stated that such endorsement is not allowed in her contract but put on her comedian face and joked about asking celebrities like Bill Clinton and Oprah to support her as she imitated their voices.

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Check out the full clip of Shepherd's dance practice to see her reenact a misunderstanding she had with Val over dancing lingo.

Dancing with the Stars
premieres next Monday (Mar. 19).