Christina Applegate: Mothers Have To Laugh

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Christina Applegate: Mothers Have To Laugh

Comedy runs through Christina Applegate's blood, and after reading her interview in Scholastic Parent & Child's April issue, it's clear that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to daughter Sadie -- but, the one-year-old is already a comedy snob!

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"She loves it when I imitate a monkey," Applegate says in the interview. "And you try to use it again and again, but then by the third time she doesn't find it funny anymore. Sadie is a much harder critic than the public."

A sensibility that likely comes from having equal parts of her mother and father in her DNA. "Because she sees her daddy [Dutch bassist Martyn LeNoble] with guitars playing music for her, and then she sees mommy being ridiculous at home. She's sort of an amalgamation of the two of us. But then she has her own things, too. She's very independent.”

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The solo streak is something Sadie clearly gets from her mother, who jokes, "I didn't mention this to anyone else while it was going on, but I turned [labor] into a competition. In the back of my head, I needed to be the person who pushed a baby out the fastest in history."

Although the birthing experience quickly took a turn towards the comedic, as Christina recalls, "I'd wanted a mirror to see the delivery. The mirror came in, and Martyn and I both screamed, and the mirror went out!"

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