Giuliana on Recovery; Still Hopeful for Baby


To say it's been a tough couple of months for Giuliana Rancic is a bit of an understatement, but the 37-year-old E! News host says that after a hellish battle with breast cancer, she and her husband Bill are ready to return to the task of expanding their happy family.

Giuliana Rancic: Double Mastectomy Was 'Hell'

"We actually just met with our fertility doctor," reveals Giuliana to Glamour in an exclusive post-surgery interview with the magazine. "We're waiting to get the green light that I can get pregnant, but if for some reason I can't carry children myself, then we're open to surrogacy; we're open to adoption."

While the couple admits they're looking at "all of [their] options," Giuliana and Bill entertain fantasies of a surprise pregnancy or two in the near future, hoping the moment they take their mind off having children, the magic will set in.

Giuliana Rancic: 'I Have Way Too Much to Live For'

"I'm notorious for never, ever using [vacation days], but I will. We'll get a couple of margaritas in us and go crazy. People say that's how it happens—vacation and booze. Mix the two and you have a baby!"

Giuliana says her ideal number is four—" two boys and two girls"—while Bill is hopeful for just two.

While the two excitedly look forward to the happy times ahead, the dark days are still fresh for the Rancics. Giuliana explains to Glamour in great detail the pain and suffering she underwent following her double mastectomy, telling the magazine she was initially afraid to "look in the mirror" post surgery, but credits her supportive hubby for his guidance, despite her fears regarding the procedure.

'Giuliana & Bill' to Focus on Giuliana Rancic's Cancer Fight

"I wanted to yell from a rooftop and cry and scream," says Giuliana of the period following her frightening diagnosis. "Bill was the one who said, 'Calm down'—and he got out a legal pad….He goes, 'We've got to make a list and figure out the pros and cons of a lumpectomy with radiation and anti-estrogen therapy, and the pros and cons of a mastectomy. Let's figure this out.'"

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