Christie Brinkley Breaks Down on 'Today' Show

The Today Show

Christie Brinkley Breaks Down on 'Today' Show

Supermodel Christie Brinkley appeared on the Today show this morning to talk about her Broadway return in Chicago, but Matt Lauer was more interested in discussing her incredibly contentious -- and even more public -- divorce from husband Peter Cook.

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Brinkley held her own throughout most of the interview, clarifying the intricacies of her anything-but-amicable split and explaining how Peter is the one who has made this a public battle. "This is my first time on TV. This is my first time. I want to stress that. I have never gone on a TV show. Peter went on Barbara Walters, he went on Riviera, he went on Good Morning America. So let's ask him why he is doing that."

But after five minutes of questioning, Brinkley simply couldn't take it anymore and broke down in tears.

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When asked what can be done to make relations better for the sake of their children, she replied, "What the experts say is that you need to have a no-contact rule. I put it in place with my lawyer over years ago and I haven't had any contact with him. He continues to contact me and that's the problem. So I quietly ask the judge to make this work. Protect my right to peace." That's when an emotional tidal wave crashed over Christie and the situation simply became too much for her. Through tears she said, "Sorry but I just want peace and every time I have any joy or any kind of success in anything he has to try to destroy it."