Does Justin Bieber View Kutcher as a Role Model?


With Punk'd set to return Thursday night, executive producer Ashton Kutcher and guest host Justin Bieber were on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, where Bieber joked about whether or not he viewed Kutcher as a role model.

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"Um, this guy a role model?" he joked, then expressing his genuine thoughts. "Definitely for this Punk'd thing [that] we're doing, he's the master at it so I'm looking up to him as far as that."

Bieber, who revealed during the show that he's always been a prankster, wasn't done with the humor and then took Kimmel's question about whether he was allowed to watch Punk'd as a child as an opportunity to joke with Kutcher again, claiming that he was 3 or 4 years old during the show's first run.

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Kutcher rendered his own laughs when he stood up after Bieber's comments and walked like an old man across the stage after Bieber made the 34-year-old actor feel old. Although they continued to joke with one another throughout their joint appearance, both had endearing words for the other and Kutcher spoke very highly of Bieber's new album.