Couple To Be Married Live at ACM Awards


In addition to the usual exciting festivities of an awards show, the Academy of Country Music Awards has added a unique twist to this year's show, as a couple will be getting married on stage while Martina McBride and Train lead vocalist Pat Monahan perform McBride's "Marry Me."

The engaged couple, Christina Davidson and Frank Tucci, sat down with ET to discuss the unique journey that led them to find love again after they both tragically lost their spouses.

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After Christina and her husband were just settling into their new home with a second child on the way, a canoeing trip that went fatally wrong left Christina struggling to pick up the pieces of her life and support her family on her own. She decided to form a young window's support group, which is where she met her future husband.

Frank's wife died of thyroid cancer that same year, which caused the two to unite in the same cause and develop a strong and intimate friendship over the years before becoming romantically involved.

After someone heard of the couple's incredible story, they were offered the unique opportunity to be married at the upcoming awards show, which they gladly accepted.

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"Getting married at the ACM Awards would share our story with so many people and let so many people see that as bad as...something can be that there's always--no matter what it is--a chance to make it better," Tucci said. "There's always light at the end of the tunnel...This can really give a lot of people hope."

Mr. and Mrs. Tucci will be pronounced husband and wife this Sunday (Apr. 1) at the ACM Awards, which will air at 8 p.m. on CBS.