Judge to Lindsay Lohan: 'Stop the Nightclubbing'

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After another glowing report during her latest court hearing on Thursday, a judge told Lindsay Lohan that her probation has finally been terminated in a 2007 DUI case.

Another Glowing Report for Lindsay Lohan

Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner told Lohan the probation was removed because the actress had completed all the court's requirements, including community service hours and therapy sessions. Lohan, 25, remains on informal probation in a case last year involving her taking a $2,500 necklace from a store without permission, but no further jail or punishment is expected if she stays out of trouble.

RECAP: Lindsay Lohan Returns to SNL

After rendering the decision, Judge Sautner said she was pleased that Lohan had completed all her demands, but also advised her to "live your life in a more mature way" and "stop the nightclubbing." After the hearing, the actress smiled and gave her attorney a hug and thanked the judge. "Thank you for being fair, it's really opened a lot of doors," she said.

Lindsay Lohan: I'm a 'Homebody' Now

With her legal troubles seemingly behind her, Lohan is attempting to mount a career comeback. Last month she hosted Saturday Night Live and she's slated to appear as herself on an upcoming episode of the FOX musical hit Glee.