Olympic Medalist Talks Eating Disorder, Cutting


As a seven-time Olympic medalist and model, Amanda Beard may appear to have it all but the athlete confessed of past eating disorders and cutting herself in an interview with Dr. Phil.

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Beard -- whose autobiography, In the Water They Can't See You Cry, will be released Wednesday -- revealed that there were times when she would train on an empty stomach, which led to cramps and severe hunger pains. To relieve her agony, Beard binged on food as soon as practice ended. Following these episodes, Beard felt guilty for her indulgence, which led to purging her meals.

Beard went on to admit to feeling so much anxiety that she used cutting herself as a way to relive stress.

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"I had so many great things going for me and I was absolutely miserable," said Beard. "I couldn't enjoy one thing."

The entire interview airs Wednesday, April 4 on Dr. Phil. Check your local listings.