Janet Jackson Debuts New Slimmer Body


Self-confessed yo-yo dieter Janet Jackson unveils a noticeably slimmed down body in her latest campaign for Nutrisystem. 

In a commercial that begins airing today, the 45-year-old singer looks toned and shapely in a snug fitting white blouse, black pants and a black belt that accentuates her slim waistline. "This is what success looks like," Jackson says into the camera. "I lost the pounds I wanted to lose and you can too."

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Jackson -- who also shows off her curvy physique in a print portion of the campaign wearing a bright orange dress and gold platform heels -- does not specifically reveal in the commercial how much weight she lost on the Nutrisystem program.

Watch the full commercial to hear how Jackson conquered her weight and body insecurity issues she's had throughout her career. 

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