Urkel vs. His Ex!

Urkel vs. His Ex!

Urkel vs. his ex! Their stormy "he said/she said" battle continues, and we have the latest…

Bridget Hardy says that Jaleel White physically abused her when they were together, while the Dancing with the Stars contender and former '90s child star denies her claims and contends that she's simply trying to capitalize on his revitalized DWTS fame to gain favor in connection to their child custody battle, in which they now have shared custody of their two-year-old daughter.

"Custody battles are not nice," says Jaleel.

Jaleel White's Ex Continues Bitter War of Words

Now, the mother of Jaleel's child claims that the Family Matters star offered her $200,000 back in 2010 to leave their daughter and start another family.

Bridget tells ET's Chris Jacobs that her relationship with the TV star went off the rails that year when she suspected him of cheating – and found pictures and texts from other women on his phone. She claims that when she confronted him about it during a car ride, he hit her, and then the fight carried over to their home, where he shoved her against the bathroom toilet, which broke.

Jaleel White on the Record About Abuse Claims

In his interview with Nancy O'Dell, Jaleel said there was "zero" abuse, but Bridget claims that during a previous custody hearing over their daughter, the star admitted under oath that he did indeed hit her and shove her into the toilet.

Watch the video for more details on the stormy relationship – and what Jaleel has to say about paying child support.