Star Summer Weddings!

Star Summer Weddings!

Justin and Jessica! Britney and Jason! Jessica and Eric! How will these soon-to-be newlyweds tie the knot?

The Most Memorable Celebrity Weddings of All Time

As a bevy of celebrities flock to the altar this summer, event planner to the stars Sharon Sacks reveals her must-haves this season to creating a truly unforgettable occasion.

While Sacks adheres to a code of silence on which of the big stars she is planning their big day for, Sharon has made Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Elizabeth Taylor (to name a few) very happy customers.

The one-woman wonder swears by renowned bakery Hansen's for the cake, Floral arrangements by Tic Tock, linens by La Tavola and china by Lenox.

Fabulous invites by Lehr & Black complete the perfect summer wedding package.

Watch the video for the complete scoop on this season's most-anticipated nuptials!

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