What Makes Nicole Richie Feel 'Uncomfortable'?


Nicole Richie had a ball as she played the piano alongside her father, Lionel Richie, in a concert that will be aired tonight on a CBS special, but the proud daughter revealed to ET that there was one feature of the concert that made her uncomfortable.

After expressing how special the experience was to be onstage with her father, Richie revealed, "I can't really watch my dad dance. It's just very uncomfortable for me. I'm just not really feeling it. So, I was more into the ballads 'cause watching my dad dance--I just get so embarrassed."

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Although his daughter was a tad uncomfortable seeing her dad groove onstage, Lionel was genuinely happy with the whole experience. "I'm very happy that [my children] got a chance to see this because this was dad showing off," he said. "I think that meant more to me as a father than anything else."

The Alabama native who has engraved his name in fame with soul music is broadening his musical abilities with his new album, Tuskegee, which is a set of collaborations with top-notch country musicians.

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All of the country musicians who collaborated with Richie spoke very highly of his musical ability as well as his genuine kindness and approachability. "Lionel Richie is absolutely brilliant and [is] one of my favorite artists of all time," said country singer Sara Evans. "I'm so excited about...him blending with country music and being involved in our industry."

See Lionel Richie in action with today's country stars tonight at 9 p.m. on the CBS special "ACM Presents: Lionel Richie and Friends -- In Concert."