Why David Hasselhoff Loves Social Media


On the set of his new Lifetime movie The Christmas Consultant, David Hasselhoff revealed his thoughts to ET as to why social media sites like Twitter are very beneficial for actors like himself.

"Tweeting is a wonderful thing for actors because now we control the press," he said. "So if somebody writes something that's not true...we are able to say, 'No, no, no, this is what really happened; this is where we really are; this is what we're really doing; and this is what we'd like to feed out to the world.' And it's great."

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Hasselhoff, who is an avid user of social media and is known to express his true opinions, expressed the importance of sticking true to oneself amid false rumors. "You gotta live your life," he said. "Whatever people write about you--the main thing is there's one person in the world who knows the truth, and that's you."

The 59-year-old actor, who plays a "combination drill sergeant and magical elf" in the film, also expressed his feelings about Dancing with the Stars, on which he once starred.
"I've opened on Broadway. I've performed in front of Mel Brooks and the producers. I've done the West End. Nothing was as terrifying as the first night on 'Dancing with the Stars' because you just get very little time to practice and then you're on," he said

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Although he conveyed respect for anyone who performs on Dancing with the Stars, Hasselhoff revealed his point of view as to how the show operates. "It's not just 'Dancing with the Stars,'" he theorized. "It's 'let's see your breaking point'...They want to get everybody burning out and getting tired so they grab you as soon as you come in, in your worst moments. So you go, 'OK, I got this gag.'"

Hasselhoff is currently filming Lifetime's The Christmas Consultant in British Columbia.