Ellen & Michelle Obama Continue Push-Up Trash Talk


The rivalry continues! First Lady Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres continued their playful trash talking after their highly publicized push-up contest.

In February, the First Lady beat the TV host 25 to 20. Ellen addressed her defeat, saying, "Now, Mrs. Obama, before we go any further I think it's time we talk about the push-up situation."

Michelle Obama vs. Ellen Push Up Challenge

"I could've done 35. I stopped because I felt bad for you," the First Lady joked after revisiting the tape.

Their lighthearted back-and-forth took place via satellite, as the First Lady sat in an audience of 600 military families and their daughters in Jacksonville, Florida while Ellen reached them from her studio in Burbank, California.

Ellen wound up surprising the crowd by giving all of the students a $250 gift card to JCPenney, which should be a big help in the upcoming prom season.

You can see their entire exchange on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday, April 16. Check your local listings.