Nicole Cried When Keith Got His Voice Back

W Magazine

Nicole Kidman is opening up about her husband Keith Urban's recent throat surgery that repaired damaged vocal cords and reveals her emotional reaction when he was finally able to speak again. 

"Three weeks of no sound -- no laughing, no coughing, no sneezing, nothing," Kidman tells W Magazine of Urban's recovery period. "He could write things down, and he would scribble away. You can still fight when someone can't talk. When he disagreed with me, he would write, 'This is unacceptable.'"

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The actress added that the medical scare strengthened her relationship with the country music star. "All of those things make you closer. It was sort of profound: to go without his voice, and then to finally hear his voice. What if he sounded different? I was there for his first words, and then we cried. How many people experience their husband's first words? If that doesn't bring you closer, you're not breathing.

Kidman also discusses in the W article her upcoming role in HBO's Hemingway & Gellhorn, in which she portrays Hemingway's third wife Martha Gellhorn, a famous war correspondent. "I've always been drawn to unique women who are willing to take on the world," Kidman said. "At the beginning, she's a lot of talk. She knows that she's either got to get her hands dirty and become what she pretends to be or she's a fraud. In the end, Gellhorn out-Hemingways Hemingway."

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The magazine also interviews Clive Owen, who plays Hemingway in the movie and talks about what it was like doing intense sex scenes
with Kidman. "Sex scenes are only hard if there's no narrative conveyed through the
sex scene. In the Hemingway film, the sex scenes have a story going
through them. It's part of who these people are and what they are."

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