Kevin Costner Comforts Grieving Military Families


Kevin Costner is a known supporter of America's troops, but what may be lesser known is his singing career as a part of the band Modern West. The Oscar winner combined these two components of his life recently during a dedication at Fort Knox.

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Modern West's song The Angels Came Down played during the service remembering five soldiers that lost their lives when their helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan: Chief Warrant Officer Bryan Nichols, Specialist Spencer Duncan, Sergeant Alexander Bennett, Warrant Officer David Carter and Staff Sergeant Patrick Hamburger.

"It's talking about the last moment of a soldier's life -- the last breath they take, who was with them, were they alone?" Kevin said, describing the song. "This song kind of takes all that away and says, 'No, that's not what happens at all.' It's more about our hope of what happens."

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The song has been so encouraging that the support groups Gold Star Wives and Gold Star Mothers have adopted the tune to promote their organizations. Watch the video for more.