Jack Black Gives Brangelina Honeymoon Advice


During an interview promoting his new dark comedy Bernie with co-star Shirley MacLaine, Jack Black commented on the recent engagement of his friends Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

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"I think the sex actually improves once you've sealed the deal," said Jack, speaking from experience as a married man. "Once we sealed the deal ... then we were able to really let loose."

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Jack, who accidentally spilled the beans that Angelina was having twins during her last pregnancy, went on to advise the couple on how to go about planning their honeymoon.

"I recommend to Brad and Angie, go to Big Sur for your honeymoon," said Jack. "Leave the eight kids with the nannies just for a couple days."

The comedian takes a drastic turn from his Kung Fu Panda days with Angelina in his new film Bernie.

The movie, opening May 3, is based on the true story of convicted murderer Bernhardt Tiede (played by Jack), who confessed to killing a wealthy 81-year-old widow named Marjorie Nugent (played by Shirley) in 1996. But before admitting to crime, Bernie went through great lengths to convince the world she was still alive.

"It's a little tricky terrain when you're trying to find laughs but also stay respectful to the truth of the story," Jack admitted.

Click the video for a look at the trailer.