Is Julia Roberts a Good Boss?


Julia Roberts has been commended for her many roles in front of the camera but ET wanted to know what she was like behind the camera and found out what the cast and crew of Jesus Henry Christ had to say about the film's executive producer.

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"She's terrific," writer and director Dennis Lee said. "It was an amazing experience to have her as my boss. You couldn't ask for a better boss." Lee also explained the film's title and premise, which is centered upon a boy's journey to find his father.

Michael Sheen, who plays the father in the film, also had kind words about Roberts as producer of the film. "She came on the set and she was just great," he said. "She always brought sunshine with her...She was lovely to have around."

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Roberts, who worked alongside her sister Lisa on the project, said that she was drawn to the project because of its interesting subject matter. "When Michael Sheen and Toni Collette came on were so excited it, and we made this great little, quirky movie," she said.

Jesus Henry Christ
is in theaters this Friday (Apr. 20).