Oprah Surprised as She Visits Slums in India


Oprah's positive influence has spread all around the world, but on her series Oprah's Next Chapter she isn't merely reaching people with signals emanating from a television studio but is spreading her physical influence by visiting India.

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In the featured sneak peek above of this weekend's episode, Oprah heads to the slums in India and visits a family in their tiny home, which consists of merely one room for an entire family.

Oprah admits that she was bewildered at first when she entered the house, as she thought there would be more to the house than a small room. She is even more surprised when she finds out that the man has been living in the house with his family for 33 years.

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Although one of his daughter's says that she is happy when Oprah prompts her, the man begins to break down when Oprah asks him what his dream is for his family.

Check out the sneak peek above and don't miss Oprah's Next Chapter this Sunday (Apr. 22) at 9 p.m. on OWN.