Kelly Bensimon Wants To Make You 'Hot'

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Kelly Bensimon's quirky lifestyle and penchant for drama made made quite a splash when she joined The Real Housewives of New York City in season two. But as she adjusted to life under the microscope, the "Real Kelly" emerged and fans got a taste of her aspirational lifestyle.

In fact, fans became so enamored with the leggy 43 year old, that she was constantly inundated with requests to detail how she leads her best life, ever. That inspired Bensimon to write a new book titled, I Can Make You Hot. But the tome is more than its title would suggest, as she revealed during an interview with ETOnline. 

ETOnline: What inspired this book?
Kelly Bensimon: When I was on Housewives, a lot of the fans were always asking me about my diet, my health, my fitness, what I was wearing, my style, who does my hair, how I raise my kids – every aspect of my life was very, very interesting to them. So I decided to write this book and answer all these questions.

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ETOnline: But it's more than that, right?
Bensimon: Yes, Hot is an acronym for Healthy Options Today. I knew that if I wrote a book titled I Can Make You Hot it would get people's attention and then I'd be able to tell them these lessons I've learned. It's all of my mistakes and the different emotional experiences that led to all my crazy yo-yo dieting – but it's also filled with amazing experts giving you incredible tips on hair and beauty and fitness and diet. It's not just about the mistakes, it's also the expert solutions.

ETOnline: What's the number one lesson?
Bensimon: Take care of yourself first. Treat your body like you would a Ferrari – you want to purr, you don't want your engine to stop and start. Since having children I've made a concerted effort to live a healthy lifestyle. I don't want to miss out on my kids life. I don't want to be that mom who hasn't eaten since yesterday to look a certain way and therefore can't focus or play.

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ETOnline: Is there a chapter on jellybeans?
Bensimon: There is a chapter on how you can eat candy -- it's not the devil. I'm really excited too because this diet is so exciting – it's got all these great tips about really taking care of yourself, but on Sunday Funday, why not have a handful of jellybeans or try one of the amazing desert and drink recipes? I have these fun jellybean and gummy-bear martinis which are made with Hpnotiq, they are going to be so incredibly delicious.

ETOnline: Are you producing the liquor?
Bensimon: Oh no, we don't produce drinks, we have fun making recipes. I'm not in the alcohol producing business, I'm in the drinking alcohol business. I'm in the enjoying life business.

ETOnline: As a result of Housewives, you've amassed lots of fans. Is it odd to have strangers want to know such personal details about your life?
Bensimon: It's super flattering. Before Housewives, I wasn't really in the spotlight. I was a working mom, so it was totally different when I became this single parent having to go out there on my own. Housewives was my first real job after being divorced, so I was a little hesitant about the new position in my life. I think it would be daunting to anybody in the same position.

ETOnline: Do you have fond memories of your Housewives experience?
Bensimon: It was an incredible platform. I wouldn't have been able to write this book if it wasn't for Housewives. For me, it was an environment where I was with six women in these intense situations. I wasn't used to that. It was interesting to see how they navigated through life, so I always felt like the observer -- waiting for them to tell me what to do [laughs].

ETOnline: Will you watch the new season?
Bensimon: I'll watch it. Even when I was on the show, I never felt like a real participant. That wasn't my role on the show. I wasn't the main character. My role was to come, instigate some drama and go home. No hard feelings – I had a great time.

Kelly Bensimon's I Can Make You Hot is available here!