Adam Sandler: People Have Always Liked Me


Before hosting a live chat to commemorate reaching 30 million fans of Facebook, Adam Sandler, alongside Andy Samberg, told ET's Nancy O'Dell that he has always been a popular guy.

"People always have liked me--since I [was] a kid," Sandler said. "When I was about four...I had more friends than the other kids and my mother would always tell me to give some of my friends to my brother 'cause he had none."

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In That's My Boy, in which Sandler and Samberg unite their comedic abilities, Sandler's character fathers Samberg's character at the young age of 13. Sandler joked about the possibility of such an occurrence after his wild bar mitzvah night

"At my bar mitzvah, I went off that night. I could have," Sandler said, joking that he "had" 15 girls (excluding cousins) on his bar mitzvah night. "That was the thing at my temple. The rabbi set me up. He just said, 'You, you, you, and you, man him up!'"

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Although for practical reasons Sandler couldn't invite all 30 million of his Facebook fans to watch the film and attend the live chat, he invited 30 lucky fans to come and join the festivities with him.

Check out Sandler and Samberg in the clip above, and see them on the big screen on June 15 for That's My Boy.