Kevin Costner Reflects on Whitney's Funeral

Kevin Costner Reflects on Whitney's Funeral

Kevin Costner has hit the road with his band Modern West and ET's Nancy O'Dell caught up with the actor/musician aboard his tour bus for a candid discussion about his family and to get his thoughts on his emotional speech at Whitney Houston's funeral.

Costner reveals the most poignant moment of Houston's service was when her iconic song I Will Always Love You was played."That was big. It was like a.. kind of a score to our life together a little bit," he said. He added that the moment felt "perfect," and that family members were clearly moved. "People were suffering, the people closest to her were truly, truly suffering, and that song kind of... it did kind of bring everything back together but it was an absolute goodbye."

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Before she passed, Costner said he was asked to write letters to Whitney by a friend who was worried about the pop star. "I wasn't even sure really what I might've been saying, it was obviously about encouraging. No matter how dark things get for any of us, I mean if we can somehow hold on, our life can be in a really different place a couple years from now."

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Costner is usually guarded about his personal life, but he opens up to Nancy when she asks about what his kids think about him being one of Hollywood's biggest actors. "Well our house is full. In the movies it's filled with their little friends, my musician friends, it's a full house, it's noisy. It's a YMCA at that place." He adds: "The little ones don't think so much about the movies, they see more of the music right now -- just because the instruments are everywhere. They really haven't been on a set."

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Coster, who has both younger and older children, said his parenting really hasn't been that different the second time around. "I don't know, like my first two girls, they're the oldest and they boss me around," he said. "And I thought, well, that's because they're the oldest and Grace is now the youngest and she bosses me around, so it's like wait, maybe it's just women in general."

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Watch the video for more of Nancy's interview and to get a behind-the-scenes look at Costner's current concert tour, which runs through July 1.