Taye Diggs Reveals Hidden Talent

Taye Diggs Reveals Hidden Talent

Idina Menzel launched her camp for girls, A Broader Way, in 2010 with husband Taye Diggs, who helped out with the camp in a surprising way over the past summer.

A Broader Way's mission is to give little girls of every race and background the chance to build self-esteem and develop leadership qualities through performing art.

At the end of the girls' time at the camp they put on an original performance based on the girls' own art work and life experiences. Taye, who Idina called "an amazing choreographer," organized the dance.

"It ended up being way more emotional than anyone expected," said Taye at the charity's fundraiser on Sunday. "To just hear and see what was coming out of these girls' hearts on stage, most of them had never spoken to more than five people at a time, so to see them all up there doing their thing with reckless abandon was really quite emotional."

The fundraiser, held in Los Angeles, was also attended by Terry Press of CBS Films. Click here to learn more about the charity.