Jaleel White Draws Inspiration From New Mascot

Jaleel White Draws Inspiration From New Mascot

The scores for Jaleel White and Kym Johnson during this season's Dancing with the Stars have been a roller coaster of ups and downs so this week the pair is looking to a new koala mascot to boost their spirits and inspire them to achieve perfect 10s. 

The duo told ET during a recent rehearsal that they were pleasantly surprised to receive a pair of 10s and another 9 from the judges last week and they attributed this in part to training in a slightly more relaxed environment in New York. "I felt like last week definitely was a more care-free atmosphere and training in New York," Jaleel said. "I also think we got lucky to be quite honest with our music."

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"I actually bought him a koala to congratulate him on the premiere of his show and also for the good week that we had," said Kym. After a demonstration on how the Koala speaks to them in Aussie phrases, Jaleel proclaimed the toy "our good luck mascot for this week."

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When asked whether he feels they have what it takes to ultimately win the mirror ball trophy, Jaleel remains cautiously hopeful. "I think if you end up in the final, anything is possible. But it's still a long road to the final. Now if you get to the final, yeah, I think I can win it -- but you've got to get there."

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Watch the video to also hear Jaleel explain how he attempted to scare fellow contestants by having them participate in an experiment for his new Syfy network show Total Blackout and to get a sneak peek of the pair preparing for this week's Viennese waltz.