Blake Shelton Gets Candid with Nancy O'Dell


Blake Shelton is seemingly on top of the world -- he's had six No. 1 hits in a row, is a judge on NBC's music mentoring show The Voice, received an ACM for Male Vocalist of the Year and was recently named Country's Hottest Guy by People magazine.

ET's Nancy O'Dell recently caught up with Blake for a casual chat about family and career and also challenged the country star to a one-on-one duel on the ping-pong table. The ping-pong game had a distinct twist, with the loser of each point having to answer any question posed by the winner. 

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Blake lost several points in a row, allowing Nancy to delve into the questions she was dying to ask. One of the most interesting concerned the star's fellow The Voice judge Christina Aguilera. Nancy: "How much do you really enjoy Christina's low cut tops?" Blake: "As much as I enjoy breathing air, and being healthy, and having dinner every night. I am a normal guy after all."

On having 11 No. 1 singles and now six hits in a row, Blake said he feels like he's just getting started. "The bigger deal to me is that it's 11 overall in the career and when we got to 10 with God Gave Me You, it was like that is such a perfect number, and now with 11 all I can think about is somehow to get to 20."

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Tune in to ET tonight for more of Nancy's revealing interview with Blake, including his thoughts on being married to country star Miranda Lambert and to get his response to being asked where the craziest place was he ever "made whoopee" with Miranda.