Megan Fox: People Want Me to Be Naughty


Megan Fox is bringing her smoldering sex appeal to a new ad campaign for gadget-seller Sharper Image and ET's Steve Jones sat down with the actress to find out her own definition of sexy and to get her thoughts on why she's often portrayed as "naughty."

The Transformers star -- who is married to actor Brian Austin Green -- is the first celebrity to do a full campaign for Sharper Image and she promises the ads bring plenty of sex appeal to the company's high-tech products. "It's not what you would necessarily expect when you think of Sharper Image," she said.

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The tone of the campaign, due out later this year, is evident in a new sneak peek released by the company. The photo shows Fox striking a seductive pose, while lying on a luxurious bed, wearing a form-fitting white blouse on top and nothing but black-lace lingerie leggings and panties on the bottom. She explains that one of the products she's promoting is the same type of adjustable bed often marketed to seniors. "You would normally think that maybe that's a little geriatric, but not in these photos."

As for what she personally finds sexy, Fox tells Jones: "For me sexy is... I like people who are really funny and have a strong, witty personality -- that to me is always sexy." She also joked that she doesn't put too much pressure on herself to look perfect in public because other people are hired to worry about those things for her. "I mean, you have a team of people who take care of you, so the pressure is off. They do what they do and if it doesn't look good it's their fault, not mine."

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The 25-year-old actress also addresses why so many people believe she has definite naughty side. "I think they want me to be naughty... that's more interesting. You know, it's not as interesting if someone is more domestic, or if someone is geeky or dorky or shy. They want you to be somebody that they can love to hate. And if you are likable or normal, that's not really as interesting."

Watch the video to also hear Fox's reaction when asked whether she and her husband are planning to start a family and to find out why she'd like to run her hands through Jones' "thick head of hair."

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