Charlie Sheen Regrets Being 'Verbally Immature'


Charlie Sheen is attempting to get his television career back on track and ET's Chris Jacobs caught up with the former Two and a Half Men star at a party for his new series Anger Management, where the star confessed to making mistakes during the past tumultuous year.

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When Chris asks Charlie to reflect on his high-profile feud with CBS bosses and subsequent erratic behavior and public meltdown, the star admitted he had some regrets. "I wouldn't have been as verbally immature," he said. 

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In addition, Charlie said a good example of not "sticking with what you know" was taking on his much-touted "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not An Option" standup tour, during which he performed at various venues around the country. "I probably wouldn't have done the tour," the star confessed. 

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Charlie stars as a man sentenced to anger management counseling with an aggressive instructor in his new show, appropriately titled Anger Management, set to premiere June 28 on FX.