Stephen Collins & Wife Split

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Stephen Collins & Wife Split

Stephen Collins, of 7th Heaven fame, has announced that he and his wife, Faye Grant, are ending their marriage after 27 years.

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"My wife and I are moving forward separately in our lives," Collins tells ET. "She has been my dearest friend and a loving mother. I know that we'll go through this process in a way that honors our family."

Grant gave ET the following statement: "Stephen's filing for divorce is a surprise. I am devastated. I wish him the very best in whatever path he chooses to take. However, 27 years of marriage in Hollywood is the equivalent of 189 dog years. I was exhausted."

Collins wed Grant on April 21, 1985. The couple has one child, a daughter named Kate.

Along with playing Rev. Eric Camden on 7th Heaven, Collins' other credits include Brothers & Sisters, Private Practice and No Ordinary Family. Grant, an actress, is best known for her work on the original series, V, and subsequently starred in ABC Family's State of Grace. Film roles include Internal Affairs. Grant was given the Theater World Award for the Broadway musical Singing in the Rain.