Why Daniel Radcliffe Admires Tim Tebow


The Met Gala brings together a wide array of the world's celebrities every year and this year was no exception, as professional football player Tim Tebow crossed paths with movie star Daniel Radcliffe, who explained to ET why he admires Tebow.

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"I like the fact that he gets tackled to the ground and gets up and goes, 'Hey, great play, man!' Radcliffe said. "To me, that that's the kind of English sportsmanship that I can relate to so I kind of enjoy that."

Tebow, who was there with his New York Jets teammate Bart Scott, revealed that he had been invited to the event by Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. In his usually humble manner, he expressed his gratitude to be able to attend the prestigious event.

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The event even brought out Brooke Shields, who recently had knee surgery that caused her to sport a cane. "I just want more attention. I thought...'Somebody's going to have a better dress. I should bring a cane,'" Shields joked of the cane. "I finally had surgery and then I couldn't pass up wearing a pretty frock," she said.

Check out the full video above to see interviews at the Met Gala with Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara, and more.