Suzanne Somers' 'Bombshell' Sex & Health Tips


We caught up with Suzanne Somers in New York's Times Square, where the seemingly ageless actress/author discusses her latest book, Bombshell, and also dispenses health and sex advice to curious passersby. 

In her new book, the 65-year-old Somers is still promoting hormones, but also reveals cutting edge cures for
everything from thinning eyebrows, brittle nails, balding, and even cancer. And of course the book wouldn't be complete without some secrets to a
steamier sex life.

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Somers -- wearing a form-fitting Dolce & Gabbana mini-dress -- explains that she must be doing something right because she feels great and has no plans to slow down despite her age. "I turned 65 this year and on my birthday I thought huh, when I was a kid
people who were 65 either retired or died. And I'm so nowhere near that,
so it must be the way I'm taking care of my health."

She explains that her celebrity has helped her team up with the biggest and brightest names in the world of medicine, including doctors that she said helped her become the first woman to regain her breasts after a mastectomy by using her own stem cells. "I get to be a sex symbol again," Somers says of her bustline. "I don't think it ever went away - I have a lot of confidence."

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Watch the video to hear Somers give candid tips on spicing up your sex life, maintaining a healthy weight and learning natural secrets to staying young.