John Travolta to Shoot New Movie Despite Lawsuit

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John Travolta to Shoot New Movie Despite Lawsuit

Amid John Travolta's recent assault lawsuit, the actor's new movie will continue as planned, ET has learned.

The Oscar nominee's next role is playing John Gotti Sr. in Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father. According to production, "the recent Travolta lawsuit will have no affect whatsoever on the film."

Allegations of assault and sexual battery have been brought against Travolta by two plaintiffs in a $2 million lawsuit. Travolta's rep vehemently denies the claims, saying, "This lawsuit is a complete fiction and fabrication. None of the events claimed in the suit ever occurred. The plaintiff, who refuses to give their name, knows that the suit is a baseless lie. It is for that reason that the plaintiff hasn't been identified with a name even though it is required to do so. On the date when plaintiff claims John met him, John was not in California and it can be proved that he was on the East Coast. Plaintiff's attorney has filed this suit to try and get his 15 minutes of fame. John intends to get this case thrown out and then he will sue the attorney and plaintiff for malicious prosecution."

Today Okorie Okorocha, the legal rep for the unidentified plaintiffs, countered, telling ET, "By the time this case is over Marty Singer will have to accuse more than 100 men of lying because I have been contacted by people, mostly men, that have first hand information about similar behavior on John Travolta's part to that contained in the lawsuits I have already filed against him."

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Al Pacino and Travolta's wife Kelly Preston are rumored to also be starring in Gotti. The film's shoot date is still up in the air.