Marisa Miller is an Attractiveness Expert


Marisa Miller has graced spreads in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue and rocked the catwalk as a Victoria's Secret Angel, and now the supermodel is adding a dash of comedy to her beauty in a new commercial for Buick's Enclave.

"Marisa Miller, Attractiveness Expert" reads the title card that introduces the 33-year-old model in the commercial. The premise is that Miller and the Enclave have plenty in common, as they are both constantly turning heads, which causes comedic commotion in the commercial.

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Miller reveals in the above behind-the-scenes sneak peek that her ability to captivate others with her beauty hasn't dwindled in her marriage, as her husband of five years recently walked into a wall while distracted by her looks.

Check out ET's sneak peek above of Miller in the new Buick Enclave commercial, which will debut on Monday (May 14).