Does Shannen Doherty Want Kids?


The season finale of WE's Shannen Says will document her October wedding to photographer Kurt Iswarienko, and ET's Chris Jacobs sat down with the television star for a candid chat about the couple's relationship and if they already have babies on the brain.

"I think that we both want kids, but there's times when we don't want kids," Shannen laughs. " ... You know for right now I think we're both enjoying being married to each other and we love to travel. We have a lot of things to do yet before we get there. Who knows, I may be the oldest woman to have a child," she jokes.

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On what makes their relationship work, Shannen says it's the fact that they "balance each other."

"I think that we both are very honest people, so I think we call each other on stuff when it needs to be called on," she puts bluntly. "But we're also each other's biggest supporters. ... at the end of the day, when all is said and done, because I've been very vocal that I love my career, but I know it's not the thing that holds my hand when I'm sick -- it's my husband, it's my mom, it's my friends. So for me it's all about the relationship. And at the end of the day, we always make each other laugh and smile -- and that's what's important."

Check out the video to hear how the couple first met, if her wedding day was everything she had envisioned and to see Shannen get visibly emotional when talking about her late father.

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