Pregnant Reese Witherspoon in Court with Parents


A pregnant Reese Witherspoon joined her parents, Betty and John Witherspoon, in a Nashville, Tennessee courtroom Friday afternoon for an emergency hearing before a probate judge who handles conservatorship cases and determines mental competency.

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The video from The Tennessean shows the visibly pregnant Reese holding her father's arm as they walk into the courtroom.

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According to USA Today, Reese and her brother have asked the judge to place her 70-year-old father under a conservatorship. John Witherspoon married Patricia Taylor in January, but according to Reese's mother, they lived apart for the last 16 years and never divorced. She says she still loves her husband, but they had to separate due John's alcoholism, overspending, infidelity and hoarding.

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Betty is accusing John and Patricia of bigamy and is seeking to have the new marriage annulled. In court documents, Betty also says she fears that her husband suffers from early onset dementia, is worried about his safety and believes Patricia may be taking advantage of John.