Interrogation Video in Hudson Family Case Released

Interrogation Video in Hudson Family Case Released

Following William Balfour's conviction in the murders of Jennifer Hudson's family members, a Chicago judge has released video from his police questioning.

The interrogation took place just hours after the slayings, and in the video the police take Balfour's clothes for evidence.

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Balfour comes off as unusually calm when the police tell him that his "mother-in-law and ex-brother-in-law were found dead." He even goes as far as suggesting that Jason Hudson's alleged drug dealing led to the murders. Jason, Jennifer Hudson's brother, was one of the victims.

"It was a drug house. What do you expect?" said Balfour. "He created a lot of enemies."

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Balfour was found guilty of the 2008 murdering of Hudson's mother, brother and nephew. Prosecutors allege that Balfour shot the family members in a jealous rage because Hudson's sister Julia broke up with him and began dating another man.