ET Flashback: Bee Gees Reunion


The Bee Gees survived many ups and downs, but they always seemed to find a way to get back together again. We were with brothers Robin and Barry after the death of their brother Maurice, which first separated and then reunited the brothers once more.

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Following Maurice's passing in 2003, the last remaining members of the group, Robin and Barry, weren't seen on the same stage together until they staged a tribute for their late brother during a charity event in Miami for the Diabetes Research Institute.

Part of the catalyst for the reunion may have been Robin's heartfelt interview with Mary Hart, where he delivered this message to his then-estranged brother: "Barry, nothing and no one can come between me and you. We're the only two people that can."

As of Sunday, Barry is now the last remaining original member of the Bee Gees. Robin died following a long battle with cancer.