Why Justin Bieber Invited Fan Date to Billboards


Justin Bieber made Virginia teenager Cady Eimer a very lucky girl when he invited her to be his date to the Billboard Music Awards, and ET caught up with the lucky girl and her celebrity date backstage.

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"I asked him to prom last year...and he couldn't make it," Eimer recounted as to how she became Bieber's date. "Yesterday at my prom, I'm standing there and a video turns on and he was like 'I can't make it but I have a car for you to come to the Billboard Awards,' and here I am."

Bieber, who also made a young girl's Valentine's Day special this year by visiting her, explained why he chooses to have such personal fan experiences. "At the end of the day, it's as fun for me as it for her," he said. "I'm able to hang out and have a good time. I couldn't go to the prom so why not have her just come out and hang out and have a good time?"

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The 18-year-old pop phenom was honored on the night for being "Top Social Artist," which seemed a fitting decoration for the night, as he and his fan date came in contact through social media.

"I don't ever expect it," Bieber said of receiving awards. "So, every time it's always a surprise and...I never know what to say. So, going up [on stage], it's always coming from the heart and everything that I'm really feeling, I just say."

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Check out the full backstage video with Bieber and his fan date above.