Jillian Michaels Views Adoption as Her 'Calling'

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Jillian Michaels was thrilled when she recently became a mother of two in the same week after her partner gave birth to a boy and she was also able to bring home an adopted daughter. While Jillian now admits that the adoption process was long and arduous, she says she kept pressing forward because she viewed it as an important "calling."

"The adoption process was not a simple or easy one," the former Biggest Loser trainer tellsPeople magazine. "There were moments where I was starting to think it was not going to work out."

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Jillian's partner Heidi Rhoades gave birth to her newborn son, Phoenix, on May 3, and she was finally able to bring home her 2-year-old-daughter Lukensia from Haiti in the same week.

The 38-year-old fitness entrepreneur was diagnosed as a teenager with endometriosis -- a medical condition that can lead to infertility because it causes tissue that normally grows inside the uterine walls to grow outside the uterus.

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Jillian initially applied for adoption in 2010 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but after waiting for more than a year and receiving no referrals, she decided to try Haiti. "That moment of getting Lu out of Haiti and the wheels of the plane touching down in New York… she was an American citizen after two years," Michaels tells the magazine of her long-awaited reunion. "It was a heavy moment."

"Adoption is a calling," she adds. "There is something in you that can't be denied. You just know in the deepest part of your being that you are meant to find this little soul and guide them through life."

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