Viggo Mortensen Stopped by Airport Security

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Viggo Mortensen Stopped by Airport Security

The Road actor Viggo Mortensen was stopped by security officers at Washington D.C.'s Dulles airport on Sunday.

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Mortensen says that it was all a mix-up that started when he celebrated a winning goal by San Lorenzo, his favorite soccer team in Argentina.

"I screamed GOAAAAAAL with all my soul, and started jumping around the place like a frightened deer among the passengers and their suitcases," Mortensen wrote in an article posted to San Lorenzo's team website. "People can't understand why am I screaming 'PIPI!' [a player's nickname] over and over again, and whether it's because I've pissed myself or maybe I got hurt someway."

Mortensen, who spent time in Argentina during his childhood, was watching the deciding match on his laptop. After an interrogation, security eventually released Mortensen, warning him that if he were to cause another disturbance, they would throw him out.

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Mortensen's latest film, Everyone Has a Plan, was shot in Argentina and marks his first Argentine movie of his career.