Hilary Duff is Livin' La Vida Luca


Hilary Duff is oozing the new mom glow from every pore since giving birth to son Luca Cruz slightly over two months ago. Controversial parenting styles, slimmed down mommas, and pricy magazine covers have been making global news headlines recently. The grown up child star spoke candidly about her maternal instincts.

"I personally won't be breastfeeding my child that long," she told ETonline in comparison to the now-famous Time magazine cover, "but I don't have judgment towards anyone how they want to do it. It's their family, their rules." The first-time mommy has embraced advice from her mom, pediatrician, and books, but is sure to tailor everything to the perfect fit for her baby.

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Baby Luca sure is the center of attention in the Duff family. Aside from bonding with his mom and grandma, he has a very special, affectionate aunt. Sister Haylie Duff "is very greedy," Hilary teased. But, when things get smelly and dirty, Luca is handed back to his mommy. "I don't think [Haylie] loves diaper changing," Hilary laughed.

The extra helping hands give Hilary a little time off to hit the gym. Motivated to shed the baby weight, she realizes it may not be realistic for her to drop 60 pounds as quickly as Beyonce. "I'm really impressed by her," she complimented. "It's different than losing weight than if you've just gained weight and you're trying to lose. Having a baby, your body purposely puts that weight on and it takes nine months to get there and it definitely takes a lot of hard work to get it off."

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Channeling her own energized Sasha Fierce, Hilary is relying on spinning, circuit training, and pilates four times per week. At a recent concert, music superstar Beyonce told the crowd she's limited herself to lettuce, while Hilary is carefully monitoring her own balanced diet that is high in protein with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

One of the first major decisions a celebrity parent is faced with is to sell or not to sell the lucrative first baby pic. Last week, Jessica Simpson landed the People cover with her firstborn daughter for a reported $800,000. Hilary chose to Tweet Luca's portrait for no profit.

"We got the offers to do the magazine covers as well and I have no judgment towards that in any way, especially if they're giving the money to charity," she explained. "It was controlled by me and there wasn't a big crew in my house doing it right in his face as a little baby. It was important for us to just do it quietly and naturally and not make a big deal of it." Resolute in offering her son a normal childhood, Hilary said she and husband Mike Comrie will move the family out of Hollywood if the paparazzi become too invasive on their privacy.

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While speaking to ETonline, Hilary whipped out her green thumb by volunteering at a downtown Los Angeles community center for the launch of the Bing Summer of Doing. For volunteer opportunities in your community, visit Bing.com/doing.